Vanessa & James: Big day decor

Vanessa made name cards herself and adorned them with skeletal autumn leaves. She also decorated the tables with scattered oak leaves and placed single red gerberas and petals in fishbowls filled with water, surrounded by tea light candles.

Vanessa & James: In bloom

The bride’s bouquet – from Cullens Flowers, Manchester – coincided with the autumnal colour scheme of oranges, reds and yellows with oak leaves interspersed throughout. “It’s important to make sure your flowers look how you want them to – don’t just settle for anything that fits with the colour scheme!” says Vanessa.

Vanessa & James: Turning tables

For favours, the guests were given pick and mix bags filled with the couples’ favourite sweets and moustaches on sticks. Vanessa made the tableplan herself using cards pinned with heart-shaped pegs to quilted fabric placed in a large white antique frame.

Vanessa & James: Sweet treats

On the menu was Dolcelatte and Pancetta tart, followed by steak and suet pudding, topped off with white chocolate cheesecake. The tiered cake – a fruit and vanilla sponge from Marks and Spencer – was also decorated with seasonal flowers.